‘During ‘lockdown’ I was in excruciating pain down the upper leg to the knee. Despite the Covid problems, Jo hastened to give me an appointment to investigate the problem.  After two further appointments, and no improvement, he wasted no more time but booked me in for an MRI scan, the results of which I had within 4 days. I had a prolapsed disc resting on the femoral nerve and needed surgery. Jo recommended a spinal surgeon who I saw quickly and the operation was arranged and successfully carried out. During this difficult time, when a doctor wouldn’t see me, I really don’t know what I would have done without the help of Jo Livingston. He took the time to frequently contact me during the most difficult time and kept my spirits up during a really bleak few weeks of my life. I can never thank him enough.’ Val Williams

‘My wife, Linda, and I have been attending Cricklade Osteopaths for more than thirty years. We have both had various back and neck problems. They have always managed to get our backs back in line after a few treatments. We honestly don’t know what we would do without this kind of treatment, as, on some occasions you think something else might be wrong with you but nearly always the problem goes once the back is sorted out!’ John, Blunsdon

‘I have been seeing Kelly for a few years now. Being a dental professional it is hazard of the job to suffer with neck and back! On many occasions she has had had to fix me at short notice. They really are worth their weight in gold. The reception staff are always so friendly and happy and run the clinic like clockwork. I highly recommend this practice and also recommend maintenance appointments not just emergency’ Kate Field.

‘I was introduced to Jo by a friend a few years ago, when I hurt my back during the course of my work within the construction industry. Since Jo has been treating me the results have been fantastic. The visits to Jo have allowed me to continue working, and have made a huge difference to my quality of life. I would recommend Jo’s osteopathic practice to anyone; you will always be greeted with a professional and friendly service. Jo will always take the time to listen and give helpful advice.’ Tim Cooper.

‘From my experiences shadowing at the clinic it was clear that …the patient is listened to and all options are discussed…Hence, after obtaining this information and observing a number of consultations at Cricklade Osteopaths, I came to the conclusion that I would recommend osteopathy to my future patients…

…To conclude, I believe osteopathy has a major role to play in the management of chronic illnesses. Its simple yet effective technique, coupled with its ‘whole person’ approach confirms my view that it should be respected and used by patients and doctors alike.’ Rishi Trivedi, Second Year Medical Student, Bristol University, report on complementary medicines following a day shadowing Cricklade Osteopaths

‘Jo was recommended to me by a family friend who was fully aware of my degree of scepticism. I had been suffering with pain in my lower back for a few years and over a period of time I had gradually lost some movement in my shoulders and neck. I found Jo to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I had a noticeable reduction of pain very early in my treatment and was amazed at how quickly my lost movement had returned. His advice and exercises have been particularly helpful in retaining the benefits of the treatment. Needless to say I am no longer a sceptic and I would highly recommend Jo and his practice to anyone.’
John Harrod

‘I first visited the Practice when suffering from some severe low back pain. The highly effective remedial treatment  I received included a tailored combination of manipulation, massage and some ultrasound which within a short period had me effectively ‘up and running’ again. What I also found invaluable was the future-focused preventative advice given to me, aimed at providing me with a set of specific exercises to ensure that my back stayed pain free. I have also visited the practice for help with a case of “frozen shoulder”, and the therapy and attention I received was equally helpful. I would highly recommend the Cricklade Osteopaths to anyone wanting first class help.’ Martin

‘I visit Cricklade Osteopaths about every three months and without these visits I am sure I would not be as mobile as I am. The treatment I get is wonderful and makes me feel both fitter and healthier and enables me to keep active.’ Joan Townsend

‘I’ve been a long term bad back sufferer and Kelly has been a tremendous help over the years – always prepared to put in that extra bit of effort to help me. Kelly is not just a VERY knowledgeable professional in her field, but also very personable and understanding. I cannot recommend her enough.’ Anon

‘I have been a back sufferer for many years. This deteriorated to the point where I could barely walk, or get in and out of a car, and no standing position could be described as comfortable. Cricklade Osteopaths was recommended to me and they have cured the problem. I still go to Jo or Kelly regularly for an ‘overhaul’ and this keeps me in good shape and when occasionally, I have a set back, they can resolve it quickly. I cannot speak too highly of them and I would recommend them to anyone, which I have done.’ Beryl Hudson, Highworth.

‘If you have any aches or pains this is the only place to visit. Small and friendly but with a big reputation and great results.’ Keith Wilson