Pauline Mather


Pauline is an experienced osteopath with 37 years in practice. She has been clinic tutor at the Oxford Brookes University Osteopathic Clinic, and in-house osteopath for a local manufacturing company as well as running her own practices in both Reading and Swindon. She has also practised osteopathy in Botswana, South Africa, and is in house osteopath at Thameswood Veterinary Clinic. Pauline has a diploma in applied Kinesiology and trained with osteopath Stuart McGregor as a veterinary osteopath. Her special interests are workplace ergonomics, lower limb dysfunction and small animal osteopathy. On a personal note Pauline has set herself an A-Z bucket list of things to achieve over the next few years. As each milestone is passed, big or small, she will post it on this link:   Pauline’s bucket list.


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