9th February 2018

Women and Weightlifting

Lifting weights doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up and look like the world’s strongest man Eddie Hall (well not unless you consume 12000 calories a day and have a beard!). It actually has huge benefits for women.
1. Weight loss. Building lean muscle helps raise our metabolism and burn more calories
2. Toned figure. As we firm up our muscles our bodies become more toned and defined. This does not mean we bulk up (we don’t have enough testosterone for that) but it does mean our clothes fit better.
3. We become stronger. This helps support us and makes everyday actives easier (lifting up children, carrying heavy bags).
4. It can help our bones. Research suggests that strength training for women can help build bone strength and reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures.

Done safely weight training is an excellent form of exercise and if you do pick up an injury then Kelly is here to help and advise.



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