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25th January 2020

End of an Era

Jo had a wonderful  trip to Sweden last week. This is the fifth year he has been a moderator for the Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine’s Final Clinical Competence Assessment. Many congratulations to all ten students who graduated. This is the first time the river has not been solid ice while he has been there. …More

13th January 2020

Stretches 3 – the two knee-hugging rock

The Two Knee-Hugging Rock Jo demonstrating a simple exercise designed to ease low back and leg pain, including sciatica. Posted by Cricklade Osteopathic Health Practice on Sunday, 12 January 2020      

15th December 2019

Sad departure

Our wonderful osteopathic colleague Pauline Mather is having to spend time as a full time carer for her mother in the west country and so is, for the moment, ceasing to practice osteopathy. Hopefully, she will be back with us at some time in the future. Pauline said: “I regret having to leave my patients …More

9th December 2019

Stretches 2 – combatting computer stoop when your shoulders are stiff

Exercise to combat stoop if you have stiff shoulders Jo again – this time showing how to combat computer stoop if you have stiff shoulders and find it difficult to raise your arms. Posted by Cricklade Osteopathic Health Practice on Monday, 9 December 2019     Jo demonstrates a variation on the previous  exercise to …More

7th December 2019

Photo to make everyone smile

One of our younger patients relaxing after treatment this week      

29th November 2019

Stretches 1 – Exercise to combat computer stoop

Jo demonstrates (rather imperfectly) one simple exercise to combat the problems created by all the time spent on computers and mobile phones. Hopefully, this will be a useful reminder for patients, who are likely to have been shown this and other exercises at the practice.


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