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3rd March 2019

Britain’s Unseen Crisis

Great ITV programme on back pain this week ‘Back Pain Britain’s Unseen Crisis – Tonight’. We thought it made a number of very good points – particularly the importance of not sitting for too long, taking regular exercise and the negative effects of stress on the back. As all our patients know we give specific …More

29th January 2019

Off to a flying start

Heathrow is recruiting staff young these days. One of our lovely younger patients.      

12th January 2019

Don’t over do the Exercise

If you’re starting a New Year’s fitness boost bear in mind that it is sometimes better to exercise three or four times a week, with breaks in between, than to exercise daily. The break gives the body a chance to recover and reduces the risk of injury.      

16th December 2018

Riding for the Disabled

Jo spent a cold but satisfying hour on Saturday morning in Cirencester collecting for the Watershed Riding for the Disabled with his wife Sophie and Ben the Shetland pony. Altogether volunteers raised over £1,000 for the Coates-based branch of RDA. The freedom of travelling through countryside on horseback can be wonderfully liberating both physically and …More

7th December 2018

Women’s Health Advice

We listened to an excellent talk on women’s health this week. It was given by Nitu Bajekal consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at the Royal Free. The subject was particularly interesting because it is not unusual for gynaecological problems to produce back pain. Mrs Bajekal’s website  is well worth looking at as it contains lots of …More

11th November 2018

Keep Moving

Five tips for reducing the risks of osteoporosis – especially important in the elderly: 1) Regular weight-bearing exercise such as walking, dancing, Tai Chi and going up and downstairs – whatever is appropriate for you. 2) Pay attention to your vitamin D and calcium levels (exposure to sunlight from spring to autumn is a good …More


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