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15th April 2018

How to Sleep Well

Everyone knows the feeling after a bad night’s sleep, from irritability to unproductivity, but longer lasting sleep disruption can have a much more significant effect on your physical and mental health. Find out how you can get a good night’s sleep: #LoveYourHealth  

2nd April 2018

50 Villages in One Day

Jo is going to be cycling 100 miles through 50 Cotswold villages on 2nd June with his mate Steve Shrigley. It’s a trial run for Steve’s fundraising ride for Macmillan Cancer Support on 28th July.  Steve will be doing the real thing with his cousin Dominic Slade and probably going considerably faster than he will …More

29th March 2018

Happy Easter

Happy Easter and a big thank you to all our patients on the 36th anniversary of the practice.  

20th February 2018

Much Loved

It was with huge sadness that we heard last night that Dave Davies, our most wonderful colleague and friend, had died after a brave struggle with cancer. Dave was loved by his patients and all his colleagues here. Our hearts go out to Sarah, William, Amy and all his family.  

17th February 2018

Snaps from Stockholm

Great photos from Jo’s stay in Sweden last week. This was his third year as moderator for the Stockholm College of Osteopathic Medicine’s final clinical competence exams. He’s grateful to the staff and students for their warm welcome.  

9th February 2018

Women and Weightlifting

Lifting weights doesn’t mean you’ll bulk up and look like the world’s strongest man Eddie Hall (well not unless you consume 12000 calories a day and have a beard!). It actually has huge benefits for women. 1. Weight loss. Building lean muscle helps raise our metabolism and burn more calories 2. Toned figure. As we …More


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